Everything you never realised you wanted to know about Kerry Louise

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Hi Kerry,

Welcome to  Petting Party. We know you like it rough so please consider this a no-holds barred interview. Feel free to be as potty-mouthed as you like!

We first saw you in The All New Ben Dover Show alongside Ben, Pascal and Jasmine. Fucking hell, that scene is intense! You two girls are proper crazy ladies in it. You both have very commanding screen presence which could theoretically work against you being in a scene together but happily it works really well as you just seem to feed off each other. What was it like actually on set?
To be honest it didn’t feel like work, haha, it was a complete scream and fuckin’ filthy!!!! All three were great to film with and it was my first time meeting Ben – He’s a ledge!!!

You spend half your time in the UK and the other half in LA which makes you a bona fide transatlantic pornstar. Yay you! What are the pros and cons are firstly working in the UK and secondly working in LA? There’s got to be good and bad sides to both!
OK UK, I have to travel six fuckin’ hours a day!!!!! But on a plus side I know everyone in the UK so I feel right at home on set. LA – I miss my chihuahua :( But on a plus side, the guys are HOT with HUGE Cocks and its fuckin’ rough hell yessss. Plus I live with my wifey there: Tiffany Tyler

You’ve just shot your directorial debut for Television X for the series Calling The Shots. Care to tell us a bit about it and why you chose that scenario and cast those particular performers?
OK so as you know I am all about my fans. I asked my fans what they wanted and I got heaps back, so it was awesome to read what they really want. I decided to go with this idea…. Sasha Rose (coz shes hotttttt) was having a meeting in a club but on the way out needed to pee so quickly asked secruity (YUMMMMMMMY DemetriXXX) if she could go to the bathroom. As she is just about to walk out of the bathroom she feels horny so has a filthy play whilst legs wide open over the sink…. only for secruity to see it on camera and go in to tell her off. she tried to woo him round but he is pissed. Eventually she wins (of course!!!) and Demetri ends up with his trousers around his ankles and recieving an awesome BJ… The rest is history….

Layla Jade’s been filming a TVX series out in LA called Layla Jade Does Hollywood, featuring both UK and US stars. If you directed your own version of this what UK stars would you have fucking which US stars?
Yes she tried to book me but I was fully booked :( I would have a fuckin’ field day doing this… Sluts and big cocks all the way hahaha… Of course my wife Tiffany Tyler, Danny Mountain, Keiran Lee, Ben English.. Ahh too many to mention …. I know a lot of hotties …. Maybe just a fuckin’ gang bang hahaha.

I thought your own series Tabloid Tales: Being Whoredon was hilarious and really sexy. My favourite scene is the one with you and Stefan Hard as I like how it switches between normal film and POV camera footage that’s meant to be the sex tape. Also, I think the chemistry between you guys is really sweet. What’s your favourite scene from that show and why?
Oh yes I love Stefan. He is a good friend of mine off set so its nice when we work together… But my favourite scene has to be the wedding. To be fair it was the best day of my life: No Joke!! I got to dress up as my idol and fuck hot guys and girls as well as getting paid and knowing guys are going to jack off to it…. that’s all my dreams come true!

Both Screwed and Powergirls are KaizenXXX productions that are high-end with brilliant costumes and sets. You must have a favourite, so which is it and why?
I have to say Kaizen is my fave team to work with as they do all the awesome hero type stuff and I get to always be the psycho nutty one!!! My fave was defo Powergirls as The Choker. In both I got to play with the awesome Mark Sloan so its always a fuckin’ giggle. But my outfit, make up and hair was awesome!!! Thanks Marcela! And I was doing spinning kicks and all sorts!!! I love it.

What’s it like having such a massive rack? Can you balance a pint glass in between them? (I once saw some stills of Donna Marie balancing a wine glass in between her baps so she could smoke easier)
That’s piss funny… They are getting in the way!!!!!!!!! I keep knocking things!!!! I do find myself publicly playing with them now as they are so fuckin’ big I love them…. Cant wait to get them in LA!

Sorry that was a bit of a weird question. I can’t actually fathom what it’s like having boobs as big as yours what with mine being the total opposite haha! Have you had a positive reaction about your boob-upgrade?
Rach you can have a feel tomorrow! Everybody loves them as before they were saggy and I hated them, now they’re huge and firm!!!

Who’s your porn idol- ie. the one lady you watched in porn that really made you want to do it yourself?
Tory Lane 100% and I shot with her for Evil Angel…. She’s awesome!!!!!!

And finally you get a one shot chance to say whatever filth you’d like to my readers and your fans….
Guys continue to wank/jerk your cocks over me because the thought of it makes my pussy drip! Oh and I want to thank all my fans for the flowers and messages whilst I was in hospital with boobie complications! It was the sweetest xxx

Thanks so much Kerry- you’re bloody brilliant!

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